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Zhejiang K-YANG New Material CO. LTD is a high-tech private company co-founded by Jinjianfeng Group and "Leading innovation talents of Jiaxing ", focusing on the development and application of new materials.

Located in Xincang Town, Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, the company covers an area of 60,000 square meters and has a 1000-level dust-free workshop. It has 7 world-leading high-precision dedicated film casting lines, with a capacity of 10 million M²/year.

The company focuses on the R&D, production and marketing of high-performance functional film. Rising abruptly based on its accumulated strength, the company has good reputation in China's TPU film market with a mission of becoming the world's leading high-performance functional film production company.

Team Introduction

We have the first-class research and development strength of the industry, with one talent of national “Ten-thousand Talents Program”, one dubbed "Leading innovation talents of Jiaxing", two doctors and one master in our management and technology team. All key members have rich experience in the upstream and downstream of the rubber and plastics industry. We has gathered a group of senior personnel from global top 500 chemical companies, with rich management experience and a high international R& D vision.Team members have long been engaged in the development and industrialization of high-performance functional thin film materials, successfully obtained more than 50 patents and won the "China patent excellence award" in 2015, establishing a close cooperative relationship with Institute of rheology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, to carry out research on projects like "Nano-scale distribution induced by Extension flow", " PVDF modification, rheological analysis and film performance optimization" and so on. Relying on its strong technical background, the company can provide custom solutions and service based on customer needs and market changes except for all existing standard products, so as to seize market opportunities.

Zhejiang K-YANG New Materials Co., Ltd. has an open and inclusive corporate culture and adheres to the advanced modern management philosophy of foreign enterprises. Following the concept of people-oriented, we fully respect talents, recognize personal values, and aim to pursue common progress with our employees, meanwhile, we pay fully attention to the realization of company’s social value and employee’s self-value.

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